Monday, July 31, 2006

Alert eBay Unpaid Item Strike Received

Its a hoax perpetrated by people wanting to steal EBay logins with good feedback so they can post fraudulent auctions for cell phones and cameras that will never arrive after the buyers send their money in.

This has been going on for some time but the virulence of the recent messages suggests that the perps may have to be trying harder to get the response rate they need.

Another interesting development is the use of accounts with low feedback scores to post hoax auctions with bogus links that purport to be to send the user a message that are actually phishing links. A common ploy there is to advertise something at a ridiculous price to encourage another buyer to 'help them' by telling them they added a zero to the price by mistake.

Again why would they bother if it was still easy to steal accounts using spam?

When faced with a problem as bleak as phishing even the smallest signs of success is good news. It is clear that the barriers to entry in the phishing game are rising rapidly. That still leaves the big organized gangs of course but it will be easier to focuse on them with fewer small time bit players obscuring the view.

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