Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I want my OpenID!

Getting tired of having to remember all those usernames and passwords for every Web site you use? OpenID is an attempt to solve this problem so you can use one account at any Web site that supports OpenID.

The folk at I want my OpenID! are running a bounty program for open source developers that OpenID enable their code.

Unlike previous 'single sign on' schemes such as Passport OpenID is open in every way. Anyone can set up an identity provider. Anyone can make use of the identity assertions issued.

Having a portable identity is the first step to having a portable reputation. It would be nice if there was a way to make use of your Slashdot karma at sites other than Slashdot.

It may be some time before there is enough confidence in the system to use it as a way to log into your bank account or for payment tranfers. But in the short term OpenID can do a lot to stop phishing getting worse by reducing the current proliferation of user accounts that people have to deal with. Most people use the same username and password in every place that they are allowed to.

Perhaps one day it will be possible to log into Slashdot using an OpenID, or even to leave a comment at this blog!

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