Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mortgage cold caller Markus edges out Paul from the Prize Claim Center

It looks like I am not the only person getting the calls from the mortgage company. since my first post on the call from 949-419-1007 it has surpassed Paul from the Prize Claim Center and is now responsible for over 50% of the traffic comming to this blog through search terms.

Before assuming that this means that Markus is being bussier than Paul it is quite likely a result of the different placements in the search engines. Several sites report on Paul's activities, this blog is #4 in the Google rankings for "708-539-2373". It appears that I am the only person blogging on Markus so far.

Just to be clear I have no reason to beleive that these particular scams are anything other than what they appear to be. The reason that I beleive that condign measures should be applied with urgency now is what I expect to follow if they are left unchecked.

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Bigdog said...

I've been called by Markus. He violates the Federal Trade Commission's Telemarketing Sales Rules in his opening comment when he says that I asked him to call by filling out a mortgage request on the internet. I own my house outright and have for 25 years. I don't need or want a mortgage. I absolutely never give my phone number over the internet. Asking to be removed from the call list doesn't stop him.

The prize goes to Family Care health insurance, which calls several times a week with various pitches and company names. These guys have been prosecuted by California and Texas under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and they keep going. You can read about the Texas Attorney General's lawsuit against them by googling Family Care Houston. These guys not only lie and rip off customers, they will not remove you from the call list if you push Button #3, and they will hang up on you if you speak with a telemarketer at the call center and request to be removed.