Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Twitter DNS attack

Praetorian Prefect has a comprehensive rundown.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

RealID farce continues

The Washington Post report that states will get more time to comply with Real ID.

This is nonsense, what is actually going on here is that RealID is dead and the administration has put off recognizing the fact for another 15 months. The 46 states that are non compliant know full well that the next deadline will be extended as well.

This was all totally predictable when RealID was passed as a rider to the 2005 Iraq war appropriations. The Senate never got a chance to debate RealID at all, it was added to the bill in conference without any Democrats present.

At present 25 States have passed laws that prevent compliance with RealID. Even if the number of states was smaller it was never very likely that any administration would have made good on the threat to refuse use of those state's driving licenses to board planes.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Belgian coma man

Hearing the story of a Belgian coma victim who has 'woken' after 23 years on the radio made me wonder if we are not going to have another re-run of the Terri Schiavo circus.

According to James Randi's JREF, there is nothing there. The alleged awakening is hardly of Lazarus proportions. The patient is still immobile and the communication consists of 'facilitated communication' with an assistant doing the actual typing.

As always, once the credulous media have publicized a false claim it will be impossible to persuade wishful thinkers otherwise. The story of the Belgian man who awoke from a coma after 23 years will be transmuted into fact.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

But, but, but....

How can the GOP defend this?

I guess it must mean that he never got a blow-job.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

What passes for news

At one time what started in the tabloids stayed in the tabloid, since the OJ Simpson trial everything is a soap opera and everyone is always the injured party.

So Tiger's mistress is upset that he was 'unfaithful' to her? On what grounds?

It would be really nice if just one little part of the mainstream media could occasionally try to serve a more useful purpose than providing Jon Stewart with material. Can it really be that hard? If you know you are going out with a cheater then you should pretty much expect him to cheat on you as well and have no grounds for a complaint at all if you are also cheating on them.

Or in other words: It is no sin for a cheating cheater to cheat on their cheatee.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The fifth man

Oh dear, Tiger's mistress count reaches four.

One wonders what the US press would have made of the fact that it took the UK media two decades to uncover the identity of the fifth man.

Don't go to Moe's speakeasy on 4th street.

The Climate Summit in Copenhagen has created an interesting clash between the City council and the local prostitutes.

The clash began when the city council decided to send notices to city hotels asking guests not to patronize the local prostitutes during the conference. In response the prostitutes are offering free sex to anyone who shows both a warning notice and their conference ID badge. Prostitution is legal in Copenhagen and the sex workers are objecting to the city council interfering with their trade.

But what was the Mayor thinking? The warnings sound like the newspaper editorials that some of the craftier bootleggers would run in their newspapers loudly protesting the evils of the demon drink. Prohibitionists would read the article and agree with it, the rest would think about going to Moe's for a drink, the location of which would be clearly stated in the article.