Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Open deprecated

I spent the morning converting a piece of C# to C. This is my first use of C since the Visual Studio 2005 came out. As a result it is the first time I have had to deal with the latest POSIX lunacies.

I like Visual Studio as a development environment. But C++ is a drag after using C# or Java.

My biggest complaint about Visual C++ is that they assume that you want to code C++ rather than C. Not in my case. The only feature of C++ that is worth having in my view is single line comments. Everything else is botched or bungled.

So I start off by writing an open file statement open (filename, _RDONLY) and get the complaint back that open was declared obsolete, these days you have to use _open instead. So I switch to _open and get told that I have to use _s_open instead.

There might be a good reason why the C++ folk need to add all these underscores everwhere but there is no good reason to break perfectly good C code to do so.

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