Monday, July 31, 2006

Ah but he's a profitable anti-Semite...

Arianna Huffington reports that Gibson has not become persona-non-grata in Hollywood yet.

Seems that he is still considered to be someone who might be costly to cross. Which is of course the point: there is not much morality in taking a stand on something only when its costless.

Its like the right to life protestor who has an abortion because having a baby would get in the way of her college plans but makes up for it by working extra hard on the picket lines to save another baby and make up for it.

Make that type of statement in Hollywood and your career as second grip, hairdresser or third extra would be over, Mel Gibson on the other hand is a different matter. The point is that second grips hairdressers and extras have little to no influence on the films Hollywood makes. Directors, producers and scriptwriters like Gibson do have influence and Gibson makes the most of his influence to insert subtle libels into his films.

The issue here is not just one momentary drunken outburst, it is the fact that what was said confirmed earlier evidence that Gibson is a bigot.

The reason he has received a pass so far is that for some reason religion gets a pass when it comes to bigotry. The reasoning seems to be that believing God to be a bigot somehow makes it OK.

The type of subtle libels Gibson inserts into his films have real effects. Wars have been started over less.


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