Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The security state

An obnoxious company in Wales has been marketting a device that emits a high pitched screech that only children can hear. The device is marketed as an anti-gang device but the noise it makes is indiscriminate.

Not suprisingly there are now calls to ban the device. I am surprised that it would be considered legal in the first place. The fact that a noise can only be heard by people under 25 does not make it any less of a noise and the UK has pretty strict noise abatement laws.

Nor does it make much sense as an 'anti-gang' device. Any shop that used a device of that type against a real gang would quickly find that bricks and much worse were comming through their windows. If the kids aren't lawless enough to chuck a brick at a window after dark they can't be considered much of a threat.

This type of security measure creates a problem where none existed before.

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