Sunday, February 10, 2008

Romney wins Maine

CNN reports that Romney has won the Maine primary with 52% of the vote, this despite the fact he has quit the race.

McCain meanwhile managed only 21% and has failed to win any of the primary races since he became the presumtive nominee last Tuesday - or at least the ones where they actually count the votes. The Washington state GOP having stopped counting the ballots and declared McCain the winner after only 87% of the precincts reported. This despite the fact that a mere 245 votes - 1.4% of the total separated the two.

Any hope of persuading Huckabee to stand aside for the good of the party must surely have been lost as a result of this maneuver.

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DM said...

Pssst. Only the Democrats caucused yesterday. The Republicans caucused on February 2nd when Romney was still in the race.