Friday, June 22, 2007

IE7 Magnification feature suckage

The IE7 magnification feature sucks.

In theory it would be great if the '125%' button did what you wanted it to - show the current page in the current window with all the text and images scaled to be 25% larger.

The problem is that the Microsoft folk goofed and made the canvas 25% bigger as well. What this means is that no matter what size your monitor is 50% will be outside the window and you will have to do a 2 dimensional pan and scroll to read the page. Try to resize the window so you can see the missing bits and IE7 will re-render the page so you can't.

What I want is to be able to override the style choices of idiot Webdesigners who think 7pt is a good size for a font without losing a quarter of the page off the edge of the window. When I hit the 125% magnification button the browser should render the current page with the text and images scaled up by 125% so that the result still fits inside the original window width.

In other words if the window width is 1000 pixels an I hit the magnify button the page should be re-rendered as if the window width was 800 pixels and then stretched to fit my wider window.

Redering the page for a 1000 pixel window so that 250 pixels worth of data falls off the edge of the screen is not the way to do it.

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