Friday, June 29, 2007

The Dora Bone Game is back

One morning I surfed to my favorite diversion, the Dora the Explorer bone game on the NickJr site. As video games go it isn't bleeding edge but its better than most of the stuff people paid good money for in the 80s.

Which was exactly what NickJr had in mind. Pay per play at a mindboggling $8 a pop!

You can imagine the conversation in the corporate headquarters as some executive imposed this silly price. "But these games are really popular!", not at that price they are not.

For $10 you can buy bargain basement versions of programs like Tomb Raider III with tens or hundreds of man-year effort behind them. Level after level after level, and every one with more detail than the simple fare at the NickJr arcade. Its not aimed at the same audience, but the parents know what they expect for the price of a movie ticket and its much more than the NickJr arcade delivered.

So now the site is back the way it was before. All mention of the arcade seems to have gone. The ads are somewhat more intrusive than before.

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