Sunday, June 17, 2007

Curmudgeon time

OK so anoyances of the day time.

Microsoft Word: Why on earth did someone think that changing the formatting of the next paragraph was 'smart cut and paste'? I select some text at the end of a section and it automatically extends the selection to the end of the paragraph including the end of paragraph marker. Then when I hit delete the section it removes the whole lot - end of paragraph marker included. This results in the next section heading being demoted to body text and attached to the end of the paragraph. So then I have to undo the edit.

Worse still this idiocy is not something you can turn off. It is assumed that it is soooo good than nobody would ever think that the computer had a better idea of what should be selected than the actual user.

Microsoft Messenger: A newer version is available. so what? Why do you have to tell me more than once? The only thing you are remininding me to do here is to uninstall MSN messenger next time I log in as administrator. Two pestering messages within 15 minutes. No, just got a third while I was writing.

Brother Laser Printer: And for that matter every other printer I have used. Why do you give an irritating beep when I take out the paper tray? I know that the paper tray has been removed. Why did the cretin of a designer think they needed to tell me that?

WiFi: Why is it that every WiFi router is shodily made? Linksys, Netgear, belkin, I have had them all and they all start going flaky afer about six months. In particular the WiFi daemon will crash and not restart. It isn't hard to build good appliances, these systems are built like servers, designed to be tended by an operator.

There is no excuse for an appliance not noticing that a critical part of its function has failed and restartting it.

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