Friday, June 15, 2007

Got to level 3 on LinkedIn

Today I got to 100 contacts on linked in. Apparently this means I am now at level 3 and get my +5 amulet of linkedness.

Seriously, is there any real point to LinkedIn or is it just a video game that folk can play during business hours without feeling guilty?


Blogger said...

Absolutely you can accomplish real business value with LinkedIn. Here are a couple of compilations to give you some ideas:

20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively
Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn

Phill H-B said...

Sure I can accomplish value by talking to the people I already knew before LinkedIn. But so far Linked in is about 10% of my contacts file.

Brandon said...

Most people's networks are made up of mostly people that one doesn't know. The fact that they give you a small Icon as a reward for having such a large network is not good.

LinkedIn can be useful if used right. There is so much spam on linked in and now because face book has opened up I've been starting to get as much spam as I do on myspace.