Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Internet on planes

Last time I surfed the Web from a plane was 1995 when Rohit Khare and I were comming back from the Dallas IETF. MCI had (possibly inadvisedly) presented every attendee with a calling card that allowed the holder to make unlimited calls for free.

Turned out that they worked on the plane as well.

The last time I remember seeing someone use an airphone was about five years ago. At $6 per minute Verizon simply priced themselves out of the market. Once it had been proved that standard cell phones work fine paying $360 per hour for the monopolist product became a mugs game.

I tend to wonder how many people watch the movies in hotel rooms for the same reason. They cost as much as a film on DVD. The choice is lousy and unlike real TV the pause button does not work.

So for me Internet on planes all comes down to price. $10 for a six hour Boston-SFO flight is a no-brainer. $20 is acceptable but much beyond that point it becomes usury.

The lack of cell phone service does not worry me a bit. I can still pull voicemail down from my Vonage line which forwards all voicemails as email attachments. Those who really need synchronous communications can learn to instant message.

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king said...

Calls to mobile phones or other wireless devices/internet calling may be charged at higher rates than calls to traditional landline phones. Additional fees and taxes may apply. All rates, promotional or otherwise, are subject to change at any time without notice. Call times are billed in one-minute increments.