Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Florida electronic voting failure revealled

As widely suspected it turns out that the voting machines used in the contested Florida election in which there was a suspicious 15% undervote in a heavily Democratic county turn out to have been faulty.

The voting machines had a smoothing filter that was meant to correct the input. Under certain circumstances this could result in an unexpectedly long delay that the voter might not notice.

The manufacturer alerted the Florida elections board before the election but the board did not take any action.

Neither the company nor the elections board notified the plaintiffs during the discovery stage as they should have. The information only came to light because of information supplied by another elections board using the same machines.

The argument in favor of voting machines being open source are now beyond dispute. It makes no sense for the manufacturers to be able to hide behind a trades secrets claim as the courts have allowed to date.

The election result should be voided immediately ant the election re-run.

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