Thursday, April 06, 2006

Windows on Mac

I like Mac hardware but not OSX. The very idea that people might not like OSX is anathema to Mac purists. It shouldn't be. Having used three windows systems - XUI, X-Windows and Windows I have certain expectations for how things will work. OSX tries to nanny me into doing everything the Mac way. I don't like that, nor do I see much point in running an O/S that has less application support. The one button mouse was chosen after a study showed that complete novices could learn to use a machine faster with one button than with two. Twenty years later most of us are not novices any more.

What I do like about Apple hardware is the way it is put together. The only PC maker that comes close to Apple is Sony. Unfortunately Sony have serious build quality problems in my experience and their warranty only covers parts. Every one of our three Vaio laptops has broken before it should. Sony wanted $300 to fix a broken power connector, they use a non-standard part and don't sell spares through third parties.

Apple is guilt of some of the same problems but not quite in the same degree. Also they do hardware better than Sony does.

Only one small problem stops me getting a Powerbook, the mouse only has one button...

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