Monday, April 17, 2006

Origami PCs begin to arrive

eo has launched its first ultra mobile PC

Its not actually available until the last week of April, the price is twice the target price and they don't give any details on the capabilities of the docking station.

In particular before I bought one of these I would want to know if the docking station can drive an external monitor, if so how this is done. I would want to know how big the power supply brick is as well. I would want to know about the cost of spare batteries.

Talking of power supply bricks, I hope these people get a clue and build the power supply into the docking station/cradle. I find it really irritating when I need to carry arround three boxes with two cords to do one job. I know the economics of the separate power brick but when a product is marketed as ultra portable ergonomics should trump economics.

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