Friday, April 28, 2006  Doctor Who - Radio Control Dalek:

I spent the past week in London at Infosec, opportunities for blogging were limited. The hotel was a fair walk from the hotel so I took cab on the first day of the show. The cabbie asked what show was on at Olympia, "Information Security", I replied. "Well that's the wrong show, in'it?", the cabbie objected, "they should have people security".

We had six daleks as give away prizes on the stand. People were much more interested in winning a dalek than the play station portables we gave away at the casino night. So for the benefit of UK readers who were disappointed not to win one here is a link where you can buy one of your very own. UK delivery only unfortunately. It may become available in the US now that the SciFi channel is showing Dr Who here.

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