Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Why do people obsess about integrating every feature into a cell phone? Samsung's new 8Gb phone is positioned as an iPod kiler.

I don't want to be running my cell phone battery flat using it as an MP3 player and according to Molly Wood, 70% agree.

The obvious device to integrate the music player into is the headset, not the tiny earbud style headphones of course way too small. But there is plenty of room in those big comfy noise cancelling headphones like Bose sell. Get rid of the music player and you get rid of the wires.

When I suggest this people always start harping on about the need for controls. This is odd if you look at how little real estate there is on an iPod nano. I have never found the controls on MP3 players to be worth very much anyway.

My RCA lycra was designed by a total moron, to scan through songs you have to keep hitting the cheapest, nastiest little button ever to move forward song by song. To make it especially painful the button is very stiff with a rounded top so after a few songs you have a little dimple in your finger. My aging Archos device is somewhat more user friendy but not by very much. Its still at the level of navigating folders. A google style keyword interface would be so much better.

So what I want is an MP3 headphone player device with an iPod user interface, Google knowledge organization and Bose headphones.

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