Thursday, March 09, 2006


Origami is here

It gets some things right but the first versios get two things very wrong. I will probably wait until they are fixed before I buy.

I like the form factor, it should be fine for doing email, surfing, blogging or even lightweight rext editing. It will be great as a media jukebox, for showing pictures to the family, watching movies and so on. There will be plenty of ways to rip a DVD to play on this.

When the price point drops it will be the ultimate Gameboy killer. This is the way to keep the kids happy on plane trips and long car journeys.

What they appear to have got wrong is no external monitor port. Without that I can't use this as a way to give a powerpoint presentation. It also cuts off the possibility of plugging into a full size monitor to do spreadsheeting or wordprocessing.

The other ommission is lack of built in GPS. With GPS built in these devices are no-brainer replacements for the overpriced satelite navigation systems sold for in car use. Hertz charges $15 per day for neverlost, at $500 this machine would pay for itself in a year. GPS can be added on as an accessory but it is not the same.

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