Saturday, January 06, 2007

Phishing and Countermeasures

Friday morning I ordered some Semantic Web books on Amazon. A few minutes after I clicked 'Buy' a UPS truck pulled up outside and delivered a package.

Turns out that Bezos has not managed to turbopower the Amazon supply chain, the package was a review copy of Phishing and Countermeasures, an edited volume on the topics in the title.

Its a big book with a lot of information in it. My main complaint is that the font size is way too small. Its an edited volume with many authors writing on the topic of their own specialties. So far I have only browsed through a few of the sections. The quality of the editing is certainly very high.

This is certainly a book that belongs on the shelf of any practitioner in the field. It is the best description of the state of the art in phishing countermeasures I have seen to date.

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