Friday, January 05, 2007

The 1Tb Disk Drive

Hot on the news of the 32Gb solid state drive, the 1 Tb magnetic drive.

Assuming Moore's Law holds that means we get to the drive holding a LOC (Library of Congress) in about 2015. Although at this point a LOC is rather less important perhaps than the ability to soak up all the content from those DVRs, Camcorders and so on.

Two weeks after Dish finaly installed our new DVR we have only filled about 50 Gb of a 100 Gb disk. At $400 the 1 Tb drive would mean we could probably go for two years without changing our viewing habbits or having to purge the disk (less if we went HD).

The price of the drive will come down but even today it is competative with the $0.10 per Gb that DVD recordable discs cost.

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