Saturday, March 13, 2010

Truth in Power Lunching

I am particularly interested in two little mentioned new features of the new MacBook Pro. The features of interest are all on the back edge:

The first change is that Apple has finally seen sense and decided to support an SD card slot. the ability to transfer photos and video from camera to computer without additional dongles is a major hassle eliminator for professional and serious photographers.

But the more important change for me is that there is now an indicator of remaining battery power on the back edge where the user is unable to see it.

Why is this so important?

Well a very common situation in a conference room is that you have n available sockets on a power strip and n+1 (or more) people with laptops to plug in. This inevitably creates a situation where various people attempt to gain access to the plug by pleading imminent exhaustion of their battery.

The power strip meter is a dead giveaway. Now we will know whose machine is about to croak and who is merely bluffing.

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