Monday, June 01, 2009

Trying to fix the Jag

Spent today trying to fix the hydraulics on the Jaguar. The hose going to the convertible top latch had gone causing hydraulic fluid to leak from the roof onto the gearshift.

While I was getting the hoses to fix that the handbrake cable snapped. Another job that requires me to take out the driver's seat and lift the carpet on that side.

It was the first time I had taken the Jag apart. That is partly because I have not wanted to risk it but mostly because very little has gone wrong except for the air conditioner, the rear quarterlight (after a thief broke it) and two coils dying on the engine. While the hose and the coils are very typical of an XK8, they are the only issues that have occurred on what is now a ten year old car.

So when the quote from the dealer was $1500 for labour and $340 for parts I decided to have a go myself. Turned out that the job was not as bad as I feared albeit I have not managed to complete it yet!

I took the drivers seat out and the rear seats and various bits of trim to run the hoses all the way from the top latch to the hole through the rear bulkhead into the trunk where the hydraulic motor is. That is where things have got stuck. There must be a retaining clip or something that is stopping the hoses from going through. So near and yet so far. Fortunately managed to park it under cover next door.

Did not get any dalek building done today because of the Jag. Will be cleaning the seats with leather restorer before putting them back.

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