Friday, October 24, 2008

Lessons in mud-flinging

It is probably not a good idea to attack the academic credentials of your opponent if you are peddling false academic credentials yourself.

Particularly in the case of the Washington 8th district, one Rep Dave Reichert is attacking Darcy Burner for describing a Harvard degree in 'Computer Science with a special field in Economics' as a degree in economics. Burner took five courses in Economics, a straight economics degree requires only seven. The joint degree is considerably harder to get. [Crooks and Liars]

Meanswhile Reichert has been claiming to have a Batchelors degree from an obscure Junior college that wasn't even entitled to grant them until ten years after he left. Methinks the difference between a two year associates degree from a Junior college and a four years batchelors degree is rather greater than the difference between Computer Science with Economics and Economics.

Kind of like Palin accusing Obama of 'Palin around with terrorists' when in fact it was her own party convention that featured a keynote speaker who really did pal around with and help raise millions of dollars in funds for terrorism

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