Thursday, July 31, 2008

Riding a high horse down a low road


Wesley said...

Hahaha! What an ironic depiction you've made here... the heavy-handedness of the image doesn't escape me, either: that klansmen, in the midst of demonstrating their belief system, has one of them take umbrage, using Senator McCain's spokeperson's quote in the balloon... it's comedic, but only in a sardonic, wry manner; the kind of thing that made me wince when I saw it because, all too often, it's a true-to-life observation.

PHB said...

Well the style was originally invented by Python cartoonist Terry Gilliam, but it was made famous by the UK satirical magazine Private Eye who use it on their cover.

Any honest person has to admit that the only possible level on which McCain's 'Spears and Hilton' ad could work is amongst folk who think think every black man wants to rape white women. Accusing Obama of playing the race card is another move calculated to play the race card again.

Its a pretty stupid campaign strategy when you have a candidate who notoriously goes to pieces when criticized himself.