Monday, April 14, 2008

Jucy Campus and security Theatre

Ars Technica reports Threat on Juicy Campus gossip site lands student in jail

In fact what was posted does not appear to be a threat, the statement was in fact "I wonder if i could shut down the school by saying I'm going to shoot as many people as i can in my second class tomorrow. I hope I get more than 50,"

I cannot see why a person of reasonable intelligence would believe that the rest of the message consitutes a threat, on the contrary the poster was clearly pointing out that an anonymous site such as Juicy.Campus is going to cause all sorts of problems with false alarms.

But I can see how the proprietors of Juicy.Campus might have thought that the message might well inspire others to follow the suggestion leading to their ridiculous site being shuttered in short measure. So even though they have refused to provide IP details when the poster threatened to rape another student, they responded in this particular case.

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