Monday, March 03, 2008

ELF Arson attack?

The 'Earth Liberation Front' does engage in terrorist tactics. Firebombing homes is intended to intimidate and is thus terrorism regardless of whether the intent is to kill people or not. In this attack, three model homes worth $7 million were set alight.

The comments left in this case suggest that this might well be a case of class warfare acting under the pretext of environmentalism. But it might have simply been an insurance fraud.

Whoever was to blame for this incident (there is no reason to think it was anyone other than the ELF), I have a feeling we will be seeing more like it as developers look at their inventory of unsold and in many cases unsellable housing stock.

My Grandmother used to tell me how factory after factory went up in flames in the Lancashire weaving industry heartland of Blackburn and Nelson. As profits dwindled the factory owners' exit strategy was an insurance fire.

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