Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ron Paul has sussed us

There I was thinking we were going to get away with it but Ron Paul has worked it out.

As a card carrying member of the world elite, I was hoping to get a big UN contract to provide portable gun collection stations through my elite friends.


tjlsmith said...

The Ron Paul campaign will keep on ringing it's little bell all the way to the White House.

You just keep on salivating.

Phill H-B said...

Much as the prospect of a recap of the William Bryant Jennings campaigns would amuse me, I really can't see it.

On any objective measure Paul is the candidate running on the least batshit insane platform. But the reason that is the case is that he is the only candidate folding himself into a prezel to pander to the batshit insane base which is in turn because his actual platform is so batshit that there really isn't any point.

This is the guy who is talking about fiat money and the gold standard.