Saturday, July 07, 2007

The end of Potter

Let the hype begin.

Given the build up indicating that Potter may die we can be pretty sure that he won't. The ending has to be a suprise.

My guess is that Harry's scar turns out to be the last horcrux. Which would of course encourge the 'Potter dies' theory. There is however another option: Potter survives but loses his magical abilities. This would prevent, or at least severely limit the scope for further sequels based on Potter without killing him off entirely.

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Harlequin Heretic said...

I agree totally with the horcrux, but I am not sure it will keep from being killed. I know that sounds contradictory, but Voldemort has horcruxes and they have to find a way to kill him. I imagine that whatever magic that is able to stop him can also hurt Harry. I also wonder if Neville ends up being killed instead. They share the same birthday. It would make fans happy if harry lived on, and at the same time I think if Neville got to be a hero there would a certain amount of justice for reader as well. Is that too farfetched?