Friday, May 11, 2007

Anyone know how to reset a crashed iPod?

My iPod has crashed and there is no reset button.


mackelise said...

Hold down the middle button and menu at the same time. It'll reset..

Charles said...

Press the two sides of the dial at the same time - that is, FF and BACK.

Or maybe it's the MENU and PAUSE buttons both at once. Anyway, it's the buttons on the opposite sides of the dial both together.

Charles said...

Press both the skip forward and skip back buttons at the same time.

Or maybe it's the Menu and Pause buttons at the same time. Anyway, opposite ones simultaneously.

MikeMcCormick said...

Hi Phill,

It was great seeing you in Dallas this week. Thanks for a great presentation.

On my iPod Nano the trick is to:
1) Toggle Hold switch on then off.
2) Hold down Menu and center buttons for several seconds till the Apple logo appears on screen.

Mike McCormick

Anonymous said...

The first result in Google is probably what you're looking for.

They're new, but they're good.