Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cell phone spam: 413-499-6605

So far they have called me twice on my cell phone line.

Their physical location is 703 West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, MA. Here is a satelite image of their HQ.

Reports show that they are using a robodialer that disconnects as soon as someone picks up. This is in breach of FCC requirement to always give the name of the caller. Calling cell phone numbers is another breach. Violating the do not call list a third.

As the phishing gangs start using VOIP phishing we need to have law enforcement teams in polace that can react rapidly to shut down their operations. Taking out robodialers breaching the do-not-call and other regulations would be an excellent means of getting some target practice before the main event begins.

These calls seem to be some sort of 'free' vacation scam. But from here on out every junk calling operation should be treated as if it was a hardcore bank fraud scheme.

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Mary said...

People are getting away with hardcore bank fraud... Banksters! The phone # is still in operation 2013.