Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rip Off Report:Suntasia Dba Agents Travel Network

The only suprise here is that they can do this openly for so long.

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Geeman said...

No surprise with this company. If you just go to google and type Suntasia Marketing, you'll see how many complaints have been reported on the net about these crooks.

Suntasia has always operated under different names without people knowing who REALLY promotes it. It's a scam and has been since 1996 when the company started out in Treasure Island, Florida.

The only reason they stay one step ahead of the feds is due to the high priced lawyers they have on the second floor of the building. The "slick" wording in the script let's them get away with this nonsense.

If you want to see what the offices look like or need any information on Suntasia just go to there website at,