Saturday, June 10, 2006

877-256-7894 / 877 256-7879

I took a look at my statcounter pages. The number one search by far is for 877-256-7894 which means that Paul from the Prize center has been busy.

Question is why the scheme has been going on so long. I was called on a mobile number repeatedly. Why hasn't the FTC come down on this like a ton of bricks?

Even if this is just a timeshare scheme they are still making junk calls which is now illegal. I have had six calls from them all to a mobile.

Looking up the number on the web I found this report which is pretty wierd. The person decided to string them along, decided not to show up and then got some pretty wierd phone calls asking "Can I lick your *ussy". The company has posted on the same blog denying the allegation and claiming that everything they do is legal. But they would say that wouldn't they?


InTheMindway said...

Just today [Sept 29 2006], I received this same call from a "Paul" calling from the Price Claim Center @ 877-256-7894 -- the dialog of the call reports to be the same as the one linked on this blog at the RIPOFFREPORT.COM site.

I see the rip-off report is full of rebuttals from the sponsoring company.

Shall I test the waters of their "defensive claims" and proceed in the same manner as the reporter, A from Floral Park NY, USA did to see what happens?

Of course, at every single step --- a proper documented evidence trial will be recorded and filed. --- Since they are calling me on a NEWLY ASSIGNED TELEPHONE NUMBER as of September 22, 2006 --- It cannot possibly be my "contest entry form" that has won --- could it?

I am the registrant of "FUCKEDUPHUMAN.NET".

Once I have collected each and every piece of this documented trial.... I will post my report, it's evidential documented audio recordings and event by event happenings at either REALUPHUMAN.NET or FUCKEDUPHUMAN.NET -- which ever this reported rip off claim --- and let the public judge if the rebuttals are truth --- or the rip off report is truth?

In the mean time, I think there is enough evidence to support these defined labels:













If anyone would like to use these emails to include every single account of each of these items into my report... please do. I will collect them.

[ Google Desktop Search any of these related facts --- and poof --- the story of the rip off scams [collectively] can be all "inter-linked" by these data labeling flag criteria.

Eventually it would be nice to have an monitoring "auto-tracker" linked into the incoming of CID calls or incoming Email to IMMEDIATELY flag reported scam and rip-off activity --- POP-UP WARNING AT THE INSTANT MOMENT THESE PEOPLE TRACK A PATH INTO YOUR LIFE. [ The power of vision ]



Here is the quoted transcript of the voice mail that I received "Internally" on my verizon voice mail account:

Message Received at 11:37am -- From Box 0109

This is Paul from the price claim center.
We have great news for you regarding the contest entry form you submitted to win a brand new automobile. We pulled your ticket. You guys have actually won one of our top four major prizes. And it would be in your best interest to call back as soon as possible.
We can be reached toll free at 877-256-7894. Do not hesitate to call back. We have great news for you.

If anyone takes a bother to figure out why -- and in what conflicted situation --- this domain name and term was created... Check Out UrbanDictionary [ Fucked Up Human ] --- be sure to check out the definition I have posted here under [ Humans ].

There are two adversary forms of humans which are the Fucked Up Human and the Real Up Human. To scale from one or the other, all humans fall somewhere in line by every action that a human makes -- even each and every last keystroke being done.

Well be real up ya all humans... ok?
by In the Mindway The universe of happiness is out here May 1, 2005

James Driskill said...

just check this image out:

Check this post out:
Mpatapo : Knot of Reconciliation

not so weird now is it?